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We Help Business Owners Improve Their Cash Flow And Manage Their Receivables


Unlock the potential of your receivables and take control of your cash flow!  We understand the stress that cash flow issues can have on your business:

  • lost business & growth opportunities
  • mounting finance charges
  • time wasted running down accounts
  • less inventory than necessary

So we provide accounts receivable financing to business owners like you, which gives you quick access to your cash and greatly improves your cash flow. You'll get paid in 2-3 days instead of 50 days!*

*According to the Receivables Exchange, on average, small businesses get paid on account in 50 days. Your accounts may pay sooner or later on average than 50 days.




We also manage your accounts recivable for you. That means we save you a lot of time and effort, and grief! Our account managers will take care of the everyday work, prepare and mail the statements, and collect on past due accounts if necessary. And best of all, we handle your accounts the way you want them handled. We use your account numbers and send copies of your invoices with each monthly statement to your customers. The statements have your company name on them and your customers continue to make their checks payable to you. We do everything to protect your relationship with your customers.