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Maurice Coulter @ Suppesville Fuel, Milton, KS

“It takes both profit and cash flow to be successful”



I started with National Billing because I wanted to lighten up the load (of handling the accounts receivable internally); I didn’t have a full time dedicated employee for that and I didn’t really have time to do it myself. And there are three reasons that I continue to do business with them, the first reason is our account managers, Tonya, calling and working with our customers; she stays on top of our accounts and makes sure that we are collecting on our accounts. Tonya and the other account managers go beyond the call of duty. Second, it saves me a lot of time at the end of the month when statements are sent out.  I don’t have to worry about taking a whole day out of my schedule to run statements. Last, and probably the most important reason that I like to work with National Billing is because of cash flow. I have the money in the bank and cash is always king. It takes both profit and cash flow to be successful. It allows us to take on big projects that are going to be a sizeable amount of dollars and will likely take several weeks to get paid. In the meanwhile my own accounts payables are going to be due and I can stay on good terms with my suppliers and get them paid on time because I have the cash in the bank.”