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Wayne Schwartz @ Schwartz Auto Service, Jetmore, KS

“I’m able to get cash discounts with my suppliers because I have the cash available.”


I started out on my own 18 years ago. I live in a farming community and my customers rely upon hay, grain and cattle sales to get their money. When they got their money I got mine, but it wasn’t always timely so I always struggled with cash flow.  I was busy but I didn’t have the money in the bank, the work was billed and the customers’ tractors were running in the field and the trucks were running down the road but I wasn’t getting paid.

Working with National Billing frees up my cash flow so I can profitably run my business. I’m able to get cash discounts with my suppliers because I have the cash available. I also like the people that I work with there. My account manager is Tonya and she is fabulous to work with. She’s a straight shooter, if there are any issues with my accounts she will notify me and go through them all with me.  She is very professional.

If somebody calls me and asks why I use National Billing, I would tell them that my accounts are large volume and high dollar that deal with a lot of parts. National Billing minimizes my problems with cash flow so I am able to function and keep moving because my cash flow is freed up.  I can use it to purchase parts and I can continue to do the big jobs.  Sure there is a service fee, but it is worth it, it keeps my cash flow going."