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Jeff Vanderplas  @ Winchell’s, Phillipsburg, KS.

We love it. We won’t do anything else, I guarantee it!

The reason we went on with National Billing was because it was an attractive deal; we basically eliminated the need for an office person because they did the billing and managing of the accounts, and called on past due accounts. Plus, where else can you send off the invoice and have that  money three days later, instead of waiting to bill it out on the 25th and wait another 15 days to recover any money. Without them we would be looking at a 45 day or longer turnaround before we would see any money. And that cash flow gives us so much flexibility.   If we have the cash up front we can take advantage of discounts offered by a lot of the companies that we work with if we buy in quantity, and that makes us more competitive. We also use my excess cash in our reserve account to help pay up front for inventory so that we get our discount.
Our account manager, Ashley, does a good job for us. She’ll give me a call about accounts and I’ll give her a heads up on what to expect with them. It’s a tough job sometimes, having to call someone about a past due account. But she and the other managers in the office are always cordial and professional; I have never had a customer complain about them, ever.
I would tell anybody that is thinking about signing up with National Billing to get on board. What are you waiting for? Every small business that I know struggles with cash flow issues, and the fact that you get your money up front is huge. It also frees up my time and saves us from having to take the time to run the statements and mail them off.  We love it. We won’t do anything else, I guarantee it!"