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Tom Crowdis @ Crowdis Water Well, Pratt, KS

“Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow!”

Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow! The ability to improve my cash flow is why I was interested in National Billing in the first place, but I was hesitant because I knew that I would have to pay a fee and fund a reserve for the service they provide and I didn’t know if it was worth it. It took me a couple of years to sign on with them but I finally decided that being able to have the cash flow and the funds available in 3-4 days versus at least 45-60 was worth the price. And I actually like the reserve because I can use the excess dollars to pay for insurance and truck tags and taxes, which are due in the winter which is my slow time.  The reserve is definitely a positive; it’ll work for you if you let it work. I also like the people that I work with at National Billing. The account managers are wonderful. They’re always able to answer my questions and are always nice and polite. And Karla, my account manager, does a good job making contact with my customers when they become past due and updating me. I have no complaints about anything in the office at all.”