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Becky Chase @    CF Repairs, Abilene, KS

“You’re money ahead switching to them.”

We signed up with National Billing in March, 2016 and we were very hesitant about signing up with them at first. A, they weren’t a local business, and B, I felt like it was going to be too expensive because we were going to have to pay a fee for their services and put money into a reserve fund. We sat on it for a month, and after we found out that they had another very well respected business in town as a client,  we decided that the cost was worth it. If you think about the fee that we pay, we’re paying them to run our statements, mail them, and anything that is past due they’re calling the customer, that’s less stress for me and saves me time. The reserve really is a benefit, I can access it at any time and use the excess to pay bills, such as when the hail storm came through and I was able to pay our deductible using the money in our reserve. We have also used money to pay for the lease on our building and even used it for end of year bonuses.   
Right now with agriculture and the economy, business is tough. But working with National Billing benefits us because it gives us the cash flow necessary to have parts on hand like filters and oil, make payroll and keep the doors open. It also benefits our customers because it allows them to get their equipment worked on and in top-notch shape for the season, and gives them time to get through harvest or sell grain to pay their bill.
I work with Ashley, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She’s very personable, and when I have questions she’s there to help. Just this morning I sent Ashley an email asking her if she could help me and within two minutes I had a phone call from her. I have never had an issue with the account managers and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about their support.
If someone were to ask me if it was worth it to sign up with National Billing I would tell them that you are not losing money by switching to National Billing. They are providing a benefit for you – they’re managing your accounts, they’re mailing the statements, they’re taking care of calling customers that are late, and you get improved cash flow.  You’re money ahead switching to them.  I almost feel like I’m cheating National Billing because they are doing more, providing more value, than what I am paying them for.